Configuring the database

An example on how to configure the MongoDB database

The config file

The config file for the database is located here (you need to create it initially):


Here is an example config:

    "username": "myuser",
    "password": "mypassword",
    "url": "",
    "port": 1234,
    "prefix": "hb_",
    "options": {
        "authSource": "admin"

About using the prefix

If you're adding a prefix to an existing HashBrown instance, you need to move your databases in order to rename them. Here's an example of how to rename your databases:

$ mongo

$ use users $ db.copyDatabase("users", "hb_users", "localhost") $ db.dropDatabase()

$ use schedule $ db.copyDatabase("schedule", "hb_schedule", "localhost") $ db.dropDatabase()

$ use 876123hgj1376 $ db.copyDatabase("876123hgj1376", "hb_876123hgj1376", "localhost") $ db.dropDatabase()

MongoDB options


More information on the available options for MongoDB can be found here