Synchronising projects

A guide for linking 2 HashBrown instances together


Why synchronise?



There are several good reasons to synchronise one project with another. The most common 2 scenarios are:


  • Working locally on remote content
  • Using one project as a baseline for another

Setting up a synchronised remote

Hooking this up is easy:

  • In the dashboard, click a project menu and select "sync"
  • Fill in the API address of your remote HashBrown instance
  • Save your settings
  • Click "Renew" next to the "API token" field
    • Log in with your remote credentials
    • An API token should now have been generated
  • Make sure the "project" name is correct for your remote project
  • Save your settings again
  • When you enter an environment, your remote resources should show up in the navigation sidebar with a faded "remote" icon next to their names


That's all there is to it.

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